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    Being a manufacturing company, who actually is producing our own products, puts us in a special position. It makes us special, since we’re the only mobile case brand that owns its own factory. This advantage also comes with additional responsibility, we naturally need to take care of everybody involved in the process. To be able to do that in a proper way, we’ve made sure that we’re working in the right direction. Since we started our factory more than ten years ago, we’ve been ISO-9001 certified, ISO-14001 certified and maybe most dear to us is our SA-8000 certification. Having this set up with clear goals on Corporate Social Responsibility has opened doors for us to be able to work with some amazing, and very responsible, companies. We’re are very grateful for your and their support over the years.

    Krusell CSR Report 2018

    Together we are creating value.

    Our Krusell CSR Report is now published at the UN Global Compact site. If you would like to read the report, you can either download it from UN Global Compact: Krusell CSR Report 2018 or contact us directly at


    1. Environmental Compliance

    Krusell and its manufactured goods are compliant with the EU RoHS Directive (2015/863) and the REACH regulation (EC No. 1907/2006). Therefore, any substances, e.g. of very high concern (SVHC) are all restricted in the production of goods. Additionally Krusell is ISO 14001:2015 certified, for its ability to manufacture products within an effective environmental Management system and comply with International standards set by European Union’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

    2. Chemical Compliance

    The chemical compliance is a sub-section to the environmental compliance. In addition to the policies and procedures covered in the environmental compliance, this section also controls the correct work procedures in handling chemicals, the employee safety measures and the storage regulations in the production facility. Krusell actively works on developing the chemical compliance, so that workplace safety and occupational health procedures are maintained at all times. Chemical compliance is part of annual safety audits by the related governmental departments of the Ministry of Labor in Thailand.

    3. Social Compliance

    Social Compliance protects and covers the integrity of all employees within Krusell and is a framework for creating the standard for a fair and decent workplace environment. Social Compliance constitutes a core commitment of Krusell and is part of the social standards and values that the organization represents.

    4. Information Security Complience

    Information security compliance protects customers, specifically in OEM/ODM projects where data security and the professional handling of confidential information are of upmost importance. Information security compliance is part of the internal ISO Management System. Employees are constantly trained and audited on the safe and secure handling as well as storage of customer data.

    5. Financial Compliance

    Financial compliance guarantees partners and customers that they are working with properly registered legal entities that engage in best practice financial Management. Moreover, it guarantees that entities are compliant with all relevant fiscal obligations, subject to yearly audits by third party auditors and authorities. This substantially reduces the potential risk exposure for partners and customers, and allows them to trust on a professional handling of their projects.

    6. Anti-Corruption Compliance

    Integrity and honesty are two of the three basic values within Krusell. The company will never tolerate any form of corruption, since corruption is an issue that contaminates any form of compliance. The company pays utmost focus on establishing working procedures, regulations and control mechanism that avoids creating opportunities for misconduct. The principles of a fully corruption free environment are applied to all employees, suppliers, service providers, customers and any other person engaged in business with Krusell.