About us

A case of Swedish Design


Our company was founded in 1991 in Hindås outside of the city of Göteborg. Göteborg as we say in Swedish (Gothenburg is the English translation) is located on the west coast of Sweden. Being from this part of the world, this part of the Nordics and even this part of Sweden shows in our products.

When our company started, mobile phones were analog and had a weight of 500 grams. A lot of technical evolution has passed since then on the hardware, but also on the accessories. One thing though hasn’t changed, the ambition to improve. To improve in our craftsmanship, in our level of innovation and in our functional and minimalistic design.

Our team has become international over time, having our fully owned production in Sena Thailand, and sales offices in Europe, North America and Asia. Today we’re a wonderful blend of ambitious people who has an ambition to serve you with great products.

We are proud members of the following partner programs

This officially states that the product meets the phone manufacturers standards in performance of the product, working conditions at the factories and environmental terms in general. These partner programs allows us, as a carefully selected partner, to design and market accessories with a certification logo on the packaging and product.